Kilimo Loan

Kilimo loans (agriculture loans) are small loans provided to small holder’s customers engaged directly in the agriculture production. They offered under two categories, kilimo group lending, and kilimo individual.

Kilimo Group Lending: A delivery methodology to creating a means of delivering financial services (small loans and savings products) through groups of people (Kilimo groups). It uses group guarantee and peer pressure to allow those who could not otherwise obtain these services do so without traditional loan securities. There will be the same kind of the crop cultivation by the group member, which lead to fulfilling the requirement of crop insurance provider.


  • Easy expansion of agriculture production (Working Capital)
  • Flexible terms including minimal security requirements and grace period
  • Grace period for both principal and interest aligned to agriculture harvest season
  • Receive training on financial literacy and entrepreneurship.
  • Pre-loan training and re-training.
  • Competitive and fair interest rates
  • Easy to access loans