Mr. Xavery Makwi

Board Member

Mr. Xavery Makwi (Board Member)

Xavery Makwi is an independent Director of VFP and member of Board Audit Committee. He is the Senior Credit Manager at CRDB Bank Plc.  He is an Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania and Courts subordinate thereto save for primary Courts.  He has been in corporate lending for over 17 years.  Xavery’s professional experience covers, Credit Structuring, Collateral Management, Corporate Law, Litigation, Financial Management and Business Development. Apart from being an Employee of CRDB Bank, Xavery is the founder of Sabamali Investment Company Ltd; a Company specialized in Collateral Management services and Bidii Secondary School.  Before joining CRDB Bank, he was an employee of Furaha Finance Limited, a non-Bank Financial Institution, where he served for two years.  Apart from Victoria Finance Plc where he is a Member of the Board, Xavery serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Sabamali Investment Company Limited and Bidii Secondary School.  He once served for a term of three years as a member of the Board of Tanzania Warehouse Licensing Board, a Regulatory Body established under the Warehouse Receipt Act, 2005.